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USMAHOF Inductees

The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Fraternity

The links below honor the men and women whom we have been recognized for their efforts to advance the traditions and teachings of the martial arts; and, for those who have dedicated their lives to instill discipline, confidence, and passion for martial arts into the lives of their students from around the globe.
"We take great pride in making this the most prestigious martial arts event each and every year. Won’t you join us this year to acknowledge not just the "famous" martial artists, but those that work hard to make a difference in the arts. See for yourself why each year hundreds of people travel across the country to take part in our celebration of the martial arts!"
Professor John Terry
IMAC / USMAHOF President

DISCLAIMER:  The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame leadership holds the right to cancel, revoke or otherwise remove any inductee not meeting the specified recommendation or moral standards befitting membership in this prestigious organization. All members of the USMAHOF are hereby inducted only upon the final approval of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board of Directors.
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