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National Training Camp
IMAC National Training Camp
July 18-20, 2024

Immerse yourself in a global martial arts experience over 2-1/2 days as our world-class instructors share their wisdom, insights, and experience. Fifteen Master-Level instructors provide a broad exposure to open-hand and weapons systems dating back thousands of years. This is one of the most diverse training camps in the United States.
Due to the close proximity of our event starting on Thursday, July 18, online registration is no longer available.  Please feel free to print off the Registration Form (PDF) and bring it to the Camp Front Desk to register for the event.  Online Camp Tournament Registration remains open through Thursday, July 18.  You can also register for the Tournament at the Camp Front Desk.  The Hall of Fame Banquet is SOLD OUT.  You can add your name to a "Wait List" at the Camp Front Desk if any tickets become available.
Grandmasters Council
IMACUSA Grandmaster’s Council
July 19, 2024

Masters, Shihans, Sokes, and Grandmasters from various styles convene for a special night of rank advancement, recognition, and martial arts demonstrations on Friday evening. Black belt testing before the Grandmaster’s Council is a great honor, and for those who test, it is an experience that will last a lifetime. This event is open to the public.

Hall of Fame Banquet
Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
July 20, 2024

The USMAHOF celebration is a black-tie event during which the accomplishments of inductees are presented to the entire audience. After a world-class meal, each inductee is highlighted and individually honored by being brought on stage and presented with their personal USMAHOF achievement plaque and a special Awards packet.

The United State Martial Arts Hall of Fame is sponsored by the
International Martial Arts Council of America, Inc.
IMACUSA is an independent martial arts association.
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